Does music effects You? We bet it does! Music effects everyone. Everybody has a relationship to music. Even if you play the music yourself or if you're just a god listener music has an impact on you. Music are all around you. Imagine a day without music. That day would be a rather boring day. Don't you agree? We bring music to your team with all the joy and benefits it means for you. All of you will be a part of creating the feeling that the musicians experience every day.


Does Your team follow Your baton? Leadership in music has a long tradition. You have to give the right signals to your team. And you have to have the whole team with you all the way. You can tell directly when something doesn't work. You also have to inspire your orchestra and give them opportunity to improvise and explore the music within the structure you have to keep.

Improvisation is god. Thinking outside the box is god. But you have to share your improvisation and your thoughts with your colleagues so they know when its their turn to play. And who knows? Maybe they got an idea that makes the improvisation even better! New idéas are great, but you can't play for yourself, than the orchestra will not work.

One person will not make an orchestra. One person will not make a team. When we work together we will achieve a result much better than the sum of the individual accomplishments. This is obvious in the orchestra, but is it obvious in Your team? In the organisation we have several different departments. In the orchestra we have several different instrument sections. It's god for the orchestra if the trumpet section plays well together, and it's even better if the saxophone players does it too. But the result will still be poor if they don't play the same song!

Now you might ask. Is it even possible? How can I play an instrument? I have never touched an instrument before. Don't worry! We are there to help you. Our instructors are all very competent. We will make it possible for you to play any instrument in just minutes. This is actually one of the benefits with Team Music. To experience that you can. It's actually possible to play the Saxophone even thou you were convinced that it was impossible. This will strengthens your self-confidence and make you happy.

Music is direct. You will hear directly when the band plays god together and when they don't. Music is not a competition. It's not the fastest or the strongest that makes the team complete. The team has to reach the goal line on the same time.

To much teambuilding events is all about getting together and compete against each other. The fastest, the strongest or the one with most brain will win. In Team Music You compete together as a team, and you can only win as a team when each player finally discovers there place in the group, the different groups find each other. Everyone listen to each other, follow the leader and plays the same song together in the same tempo!